Aissa Kraayenbrink

In Lak'ech

vr 31 mei 2019 19:30

A contemporary dance duet which reflects on the Maya greeting 'In Lak'ech' or 'I am another you and you are another me', meaning to say that we are all one. The duet shows two women on a journey exploring how they can relate to each other, how they can open up, interact, connect, disconnect, collide, accept, embrace and care. This actually quite common happening in daily life is translated into physical movement, partnering and vocals. With the duet Aissa (maker) invites the audience to keep an open mind, so a silent dialogue could exist, not only between the dancers, but also between the dancers and the audience. In search of connection and recognition in a world that’s going faster and faster, Aissa tries to slow down a bit to give people space for reflection and identification on the level of sensation.

In Lak'ech

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