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Are you a new maker? Nice of you to take a look at the Delft Fringe Festival website! We would love to tell you more about our festival here. Do you still have a question? Then you can always email us at See you soon!


Thé festival for young makers

Delft Fringe Festival is the place for new creators at the beginning of their careers who want to perform at the most unexpected, vibrant venues in the historic city of Delft. The festival has offered new creators a place to perform, gain experience and get feedback from both audiences and professionals, including programmers, theater agents and scouts, every June since 2011.


Open Call

The Delft Fringe Festival works with an open call, from October 1 to December 31 you have the opportunity to apply for the next festival. You can do so with new or existing work from all genres in the performing arts. From opera to ballet and from cabaret to circus. And all crossovers in between. All languages are also welcome.



An audience award will be presented during the festival, resulting in considerable media attention. And in the run-up to the festival, the organization offers, if desired, extra artistic guidance. The festival's function as a springboard into the cultural field of play is more important than ever these days. It is the chance for you, as a young maker, to grow into full theaters and rave reviews.


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The festival offers a playground for new professional makers who are at the beginning of their careers: makers who have completed an art education, are still working on it or are self-taught. By working with an open call, we present an inclusive and diverse program at the festival. We therefore invite everyone to apply.

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