Delft Fringe Festival for colleagues

Delft Fringe Festival is not only a springboard for new makers towards the professional field, but also a connecting force between professionals and makers at the beginning of their careers. It is important to get to know each other, to understand each other and above all to know what you can gain from each other.

Visit Delft Fringe Festival!

The Delft Fringe Festival takes place every year in June. During the festival you will discover performances by a new generation of makers and meet peers. Each year the Delft Fringe Festival invites a wide selection of peers to visit the festival. Come to the opening on the first festival day and join the Expert Meeting we organize during the festival. In addition, we are happy to provide you with a customized festival program, plus advice and information about staying in Delft.

Expert Meeting

Jaarlijks organiseert Delft Fringe Festival een Expert Meeting tijdens het festival. Tijdens de expertmeeting gaan professionals uit het werkveld met elkaar om de tafel: programmeurs van theaters en festivals, (jonge) makers en andere geïnteresseerden die werkzaam zijn in het theaterwerkveld. We gaan het gesprek met elkaar aan over actuele en relevante thema's. De expertmeeting is gratis te bezoeken.

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