An evening-filling performance at a unique location in Delft.

One maker at the center

In October 2019, the first Delft Fringe Festival Production took place with great success. Capitalizing on the national theme year "The Golden Age," young dance and theater maker Merel Franx created an intriguing performance, Molten Gold, in which she zoomed in on the double face - the splendor versus the exploitation - of this century so important to Dutch history.

Unlike the combination performances of the Delft Fringe Nights, for example, the Delft Fringe Festival Production focuses on one young maker (or company).


A relevant location

Under the professional wings of our festival organization, we provide these theater makers, choreographers, cabaret artists, circus artists, composers and others with the tools to write, develop and present - often for the first time - a full-length performance. For the latter we always choose a different, unique historical location in Delft. Merel Franx, for example, performed her production in the former Delft cigar factory.


Open Call

Our intention is to release a new Delft Fringe Festival Production every two years. But due to the many changes brought about by the corona outbreak - and its financial consequences - we have decided to present the next Delft Fringe Festival Production in 2024. Creators and companies from all performing arts genres can apply for this through an "open call. Where possible, we link the Delft Fringe Festival Production to the national thematic years.


Delft Fringe Festival as 'best practice'

Delft Fringe Festival has been identified as a 'best practice' by the organization behind the Diversity & Inclusion Code. Choreographer Merel Franx of Molten Gold and Roel Beeftink-Funcken, director Delft Fringe Festival were interviewed about this (in Dutch):

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