The Delft Fringe Festival .

Discover up-and-coming talent

Thé performing arts festival for young creators

Delft Fringe Festival is one of the most important and largest theater festivals for young creators in the Netherlands. In fact, within South Holland it is the only performing arts festival that focuses entirely on new talent. The festival thus fulfills a crucial role in these times when - due to the severe cutbacks in culture - many production houses no longer exist and the number of performance opportunities for young makers has been drastically reduced.


An artistic signature of its own

By now, more than three hundred young, emerging creators from all over the country manage to find us every year, from which we make a selection each edition. They get the chance, within one festival edition, to play their performance a large number of times. Close to the audience, at some of the more than twenty historic, mostly unconventional festival locations in Delft.

We also help them to promote their performances to the audience in an original way and to use the feedback from the audience and the festival team to further develop and sharpen their artistic signature.


From dance to live art

The character of our festival is deliberately low-key. We aim not only at the seasoned theater lover, but certainly also at new audiences. Due to the great diversity of our program offerings, our festival has something to offer everyone, from cabaret to contemporary dance, from pop music to opera and from circus to live art.

Moreover, because of the short duration of the performances, as a spectator you can easily take a risk and try out a genre completely new to you. The result is obvious: every year our attendance continues to grow.


Discover the city

Of course the surprising locations and the fact that nowhere else do you get so close to the performer play an important role. The performances take place at special locations in Delft. While rocking on a houseboat, after climbing the stairs in the water tower or at the round table in the council chamber. Through the festival, discover the gems of the city that breathe their own historical stories.


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