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Up-and-coming talent

The Delft Fringe Festival introduces visitors to new up-and-coming talent. From musicians to dancers and from theater makers to cabaret artists and cabaret artists. The performances take place at special locations in Delft. Discover the pearls of the city through the festival; from courtyard to living room and from monument to garage.


A complete experience

Immerse yourself in genres you already know or step out of your comfort zone and visit a performance you would never otherwise choose. In this way, the festival is not just a cultural outing but a complete experience. For avid theater lovers, but also if you've never been to the theater before. No long evening on red plush in fancy evening wear. But enjoy short performances of up to 30 minutes in intimate locations.



The Delft Fringe Festival has become a springboard for promising young creators looking to gain a foothold in the cultural landscape. The festival offers them a place to perform and receive feedback, from both audiences and professionals. But the festival also offers additional guidance in the talents' artistic careers. Chances are you'll run into the creators of today, again next year. But then in the theater or in the media! You can then say, "I was there when this artist performed for the first time."


Through your eyes

At the Delft Fringe Festival you are allowed to take photos. We care what you think: what touched you or which young creator did you discover during the festival? Inspire others and share your experiences with the world!


Are you planning to visit the Delft Fringe Festival? Welcome! We have put together all the practical information for you. Before your visit, read all about entrance, ticket sales and accessibility.

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