Fringe 4 Kids .

Experience the Delft Fringe Festival with kids!

Experience the magic of theater

Delft Fringe Festival lets children and teens experience the magic of theater. The performances last a maximum of 30 minutes. A perfect length of time to get acquainted with different forms of performing arts.

Meet our 7-meter tall pink rabbit and get started with the 3D-origami coloring sheet. In short, there is plenty on the program for all kids!


Family show 2023: Waneer je hart begint te bonken 6+

Jip is in swimming class and has to go through the hole today. There's one problem: Jip doesn't dare. Afraid of everything that might happen. We crawl inside Jip's head and meet all kinds of special characters. Will you come and help Jip?

The performance 'When your heart starts pounding' is about being afraid and dealing with big emotions. Children often experience their emotions as very big and a quick search is made for a solution to those feelings. There is almost no language used in this performance. 

Theater collective De Beladen Parade delved into the experiences of children and discovered through their eyes what happens when you feel fear, tension or nerves. And especially how children deal with this.

There is almost no language used in this performance. 

The pink Fringe Rabbit

During the festival, the pink Fringe Rabbit (7 meters high!) will be on the Market Square! He can't wait to meet all the little and big theater lovers from Delft and surroundings! Will you be walking or biking by this year?

The Fringe Rabbit is our festival pavilion. You can come here during the festival for information about the performances and the makers.



For each performance, an advisory age has been determined by the creator(s) of the performance. Is your child younger than the recommended age? If so, the performance may be too exciting or complicated. Children attending a performance must be accompanied by an adult who has also purchased a ticket for themselves.

From baby to toddler

Children under the age of 3 can attend performances free of charge. If a performance is crowded, a festival staff member may ask you to take your child on your lap. Do you have a stroller or baby carriage with you? In the festival magazine you can see which locations are accessible for wheelchairs, and therefore also for strollers.

Craft the Fringe Rabbit!

Especially for the young theater lovers, we have a coloring page and 3d-do plate of the Fringe Rabbit ready to go. Pick them up for free at the festival pavilion. Then get to work coloring, cutting, folding and pasting!

The coloring and activity sheets can also be printed out at home. You get the best results for the 3D rabbit on A3 size (135 gsm paper), but it is also available in A4 size for ease of printing:


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