Delft Fringe Festival is looking for new artists! .

19 November 2021

The Delft Fringe Festival is the place for new artists who are at the beginning of their careers and want to perform at the most unexpected, vibrant locations in the historic city of Delft. The festival offers the perfect place to perform new and existing work for a diverse and enthusiastic audience. All genres within the performing arts are welcome.

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The Delft Fringe Festival is looking for artists who dare to step outside their comfort zone. Are you an artist looking for a step into the professional field? Do you see playing at a special location, such as a mill, a city farm, an old cigar factory or a houseboat, as a great challenge? Do you want a diverse audience to get to know your work? Then we are looking for you! Submit your performance in the discipline you like to work in: from text theater to circus or your own crossovers. Surprise us! The Delft Fringe Festival takes place from 2 to 12 June 2022.

For the Delft Fringe Festival 2022 we are looking for artists with guts.

The Delft Fringe Festival wants to give (new) professional artists who want to develop their artistic skills a place to work on their careers. You can apply if you have completed or are in the process of completing an art course or if you are an autodidact creator. We do not consider applications from amateur companies. All genres are welcome; we also welcome youth theater at the festival. Please state in your concept for which age group your performance is suitable. In preparation for the festival, you will take part in two workshops in which you will learn to strengthen your craftsmanship and artistic coaching is available from the festival.

Practical Information

- We offer you a learning experience where you will gain a lot of performing experience.

- Special locations where you can perform your play.

- Each artist / company receives an expense allowance of € 200.

- During the festival you earn 50% per ticket sold. The more tickets sold for the performance, the more money you will take home.

- You have a great concept or a previously performed performance that you would like to present.

- Your performance lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

- You have to perform your show at least 8 times during the festival. You indicate your availability in your application. Every artist will participate in two workshops in Delft that will take place on 12 February and 23 April.

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Do you have a performance you'd like to show at the Delft Fringe Festival? Then apply with your concept before 31 December 2021! Apply and find more information via the application button below.

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