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The latest news from Delft Fringe Festival.

From 28 May to 9 June, 28 makers will turn Delft on its cultural head for nine days.
A bass guitar, an awkward conversation, a disco party and a storm of condoms
Emotion, amazement, reflection, entertainment and hilarity: at our festival they go hand in hand
The time has come, we can announce the names of the artists playing at this year's festival! Out of 410 applications, 28 makers have been selected.
Can't you wait until we rebuild our pink rabbit on the Markt and the festival starts? The festival will take place between Tuesday, May 28 and Sunday, June 9, 2024.
Delft Fringe Festival seeks new artists for the13th edition, from May 28 to June 9, 2024
The festival for young creators starts Wednesday, May 31
Between 31 May and 11 June, Delft is brimming with young talent!
As many as 29 talented young creators are eager to surprise you.
Between 31 May and 11 June, the new generation of young makers will be in the spotlight
Tamara has been involved in the festival as a programmer for two editions and has been artistic director since 1 January.

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