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The latest news from Delft Fringe Festival.

The artists each bring attention to this theme in their own way. Their work questions what the future of mankind and the world will look like.
We've put together 10 tips to help you get the most out of the festival.
This year, during the Expert Meeting, we join forces with Platform Aanvang, which has started the conversation series Het Goede Gesprek. This edition focuses on the topic of 'selection methods'. How transparent and productive is this process?
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Immerse yourself in song, dance and cabaret with a burst of energy
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This year it falls on Sunday 5 and Monday 6 June. That means: a very long weekend to do fun things!
Delft Fringe Festival is finally going live again after three years. And that is more important than ever.
Doortje Peters and Robin Lie, founders of Tappin-It Collective, won the Audience Award last year and are now the mast head of Delft Fringe Festival

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