31 MAY - 11 JUNE 2023

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The latest news from Delft Fringe Festival.

Delft Fringe Festival is finally going live again after three years. And that is more important than ever.
Doortje Peters and Robin Lie, founders of Tappin-It Collective, won the Audience Award last year and are now the mast head of Delft Fringe Festival
No less than 22 exclusive festival premieres Delft
Tappin-it Collective two years under the wings of Delft Fringe Festival
Young artists can finally perform and gain experience again
Delft Fringe Festival offers artists guidance throughout the year.
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From ten to eighty years

20 September 2021

Anna spoke with six visitors of Delft Delft Fringe Festival about their experiences with the festival.
Tappin-It Collective is the winner of the Delft Fringe Festival 2021!
On the first weekend that the theaters are allowed to reopen, the Delft Fringe Festival puts Delft illusionist Dion van Rijt live on stage at the Rietveld Theater. "I am extremely proud that Dion and the festival team have been so flexible in responding to the accelerated easing of coronavirus measures and have managed to pull this off," said festival director Roel Beeftink - Funcken. "With this we are building a bridge between this year's online festival and the festival in 2022."
ArtsTalk Magazine spotted our new festival pavilion on the Markt and wrote an article on their website about the Origami Fringe Rabbit. Have you also spotted it? Don't forget to drop by, it's there until June 6!

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