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New step for Tappin-it Collective .

15 April 2022

In December 2021, the Performing Arts Fund NL awarded a grant from the ‘New Artists Scheme’ to Tappin-it Collective and Delft Fringe Festival. This means that for the next two years, Tappin-it Collective will have the space and resources to develop further under the wings of Delft Fringe Festival.

Who is Tappin-It Collective?

Tappin-It Collective consists of Doortje Peters and Robin Lie. They won the audience award at the Delft Fringe Festival in June 2021. They then performed with their theatrical tap dance performance IRMA, inspired by the corona press conferences in which sign language interpreter Irma Sluis was featured.

What is the New Artists Scheme?

This scheme provides grants in two rounds per year to talented new artists. This subsidy gives them the means to develop themselves over a longer trajectory, in collaboration with companies, venues and festivals. Tappin-it Collective applied for and was awarded this grant together with the Delft Fringe Festival.

Collaboration with Delft Fringe Festival

The granting of this New Artists scheme has given Delft Fringe Festival the opportunity to provide Tappin-it Collective with long-term organizational and artistic support. In the next two years Doortje and Robin will create full-length performances under the wings of Delft Fringe Festival, work on their own signature and make steps in theatre production. We are really looking forward to it!

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