Delft Fringe Festival on Tour .

The traveled sister of Delft Fringe Festival.

Along the coolest theaters

Packed suitcases, unfolded map and into the country. The talents of Delft Fringe Festival head out and off the beaten path. Delft Fringe Festival is known for its hidden theater talents, future big names and surprisingly versatile performances.

Especially for the 12.5 year anniversary in 2022, Delft Fringe Festival and Impresariaat WILLEM gave each other a high five. Together they went into the country. Over highways, country roads, farm paths and off-road. Delft Fringe Festival On Tour along the coolest theaters.


Delft Fringe loves to share

The Delft Fringe Festival connects young talents with discoverers and enjoyers with theater-makers. Delft Fringe Festival, affectionately called Fringe, is the cultural springboard for the newest stage generation. The phenomena of later can be seen here in uninhibited infancy. This normally all happens in the beautiful setting of the city of Delft, a theater unto itself. Delft is Fringe, but Delft likes to share. That's why Delft Fringe Festival goes On Tour.


Of the hat and the edge

During the first Delft Fringe Festival on Tour, we went around the country with a full-length program consisting of performances by Tappin-it Collective, The Prima Donna's, Niek Wagenaar and David Heijmans.

In a special episode of the podcast De Roze Hoed they introduce themselves.


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