31 MAY - 11 JUNE 2023

Delft Fringe Artist’s Lab .

26 January 2022

The Delft Fringe Festival wants to guide new artists not only during the annual festival in their developments in the artistic, business and marketing fields, but also throughout the rest of the year. The festival already embarked on this path in 2016 through the Delft Fringe Nights and in 2019 with the Delft Fringe Production. In 2022 we will take this ambition to a new level with the Delft Fringe Artist’s Lab.

Delft Fringe Festival Mission

Since its inception in 2010, the Delft Fringe Festival has aimed to be a springboard to the working field for new makers. Therefore, Delft Fringe Festival also welcomes artists who are still in the process of developing their own signature style and have yet to conquer a place within the field of the performing arts. We do this in different ways:

  • By feedback during the festival from the audience and the staff.
  • With preparatory workshops in the run-up to the festival.

The Delft Fringe Production and Delft Fringe Night

Because the festival itself only takes place once a year, Delft Fringe Festival offers a stage to new artists in the meantime. This is done through the Delft Fringe Nights and by producing a show made by new talent once every two years.

  • Delft Fringe Night: since 2016 we have been organizing a Delft Fringe Night three times a year. An initiative that has sold out to the last seat, time and time again. Spectators are treated to a program consisting of several new artists of different performing arts genres, composed of a number of hit productions and audience favorites from previous festival editions. Participating artists will be able to put in extra hours, have direct contact with the audience and receive immediate feedback on their performance.
  • Delft Fringe Production: the first Delft Fringe Production took place in 2019. Under the professional wings of our festival organization, one artist or company writes, develops and presents a full-length program for the first time. It is our intention to release a new Delft Fringe Festival Production every two years.

New Steps 2022: Delft Fringe Artist’s Lab

With the Delft Fringe Artist’s Lab, we offer new artists even more opportunities to show their work, gain experience and develop their talent. We do this via three different pathways:

  • Multi-year trajectory: Artists commit to Delft Fringe Festival for a long period to further develop themselves and make the step to national fame. Delft Fringe Festival offers organizational and artistic guidance during this process. This trajectory is only possible in combination with subsidies and a clearly developed curriculum for the artists, so that there is room and resources to work on their own signature style and the development of multiple performances.
  • Trajectory on project basis: Once every two years Delft Fringe Festival gives an artist the opportunity to develop a new performance. This can be a trajectory in which an artist is given free rein. It can also be an artist who finds it more interesting to work with frameworks and unique collaboration partners.
  • Artist trajectory winner audience award: Delft Fringe Festival provides the audience winner of the Delft Fringe Festival with a rehearsal space and artistic guidance for a certain period of time. In this way the artist can raise the winning performance to an even higher level and build a bridge to the more professional field. The artist can decide for themselves whether to deepen or extend the performance.

Delft Fringe Artist’s Lab Launch

In the development of the Delft Fringe Artist’s Lab, we have not been idle. Behind the scenes we have already made great strides. We are therefore proud to announce two wonderful Artist’s Lab trajectories:

  • We entered the multi-year process with Tappin-It Collective. This month they found out that Fonds Podiumkunsten had awarded them the Nieuwe Makersregeling (New Artist’s arrangement). Over the next two years they will create full-length performances under the wings of Delft Fringe Festival, work on their own signature style and grow in theater production.
  • In addition, at the end of 2021 we started a project-based trajectory with dancer and choreographer Kelly Vanneste. Together, we provided two weeks of education to architecture students at TU Delft on object manipulation in the performing arts. The students were given the assignment to design an object that Kelly can use in her next performance.
  • Finally, we are looking forward to entering an Artist’s Lab artist trajectory with the upcoming audience winner of Delft Fringe Festival 2022 (June 2-12)!

Would you like to know more or collaborate with the Delft Fringe Artist’s Lab? Then send an email to Tamara Griffioen at tamara@delftfringefestival.nl.

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