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Ticket sales for Delft Fringe Festival 2022 starts April 18 .

20 April 2022

On Monday April 18, 2022, ticket pre-sales for the 12th edition of the Delft Fringe Festival will start. From June 2 to 12, 2022, 42 selected young artists present themselves at 26 unique locations in the city, with a diverse and inclusive program. There are no less than 22 exclusive festival premieres! This makes Delft Fringe Festival - after two years online - the stepping stone for young theater artists on their way to national fame again.

Tappin-it Collective - premiere DOEMSDEE

Of course, Tappin-it Collective, the audience winner of 2021, is not missing. After receiving the ‘Nieuwe Makers’ prize from Fonds Podiumkunsten early this year, dancers Robin Lie and Doortje Peters chose an all-transcending theme: the end of time. Let yourself be overwhelmed by this dance performance drenched in tap, mime and percussion.

- Premiere DOEMSDEE, June 3, 20:30 at the Rietveld Theater. Tickets.

Skandalisi Dance - premiere Don't Let It Worry You Now

Dutch choreographer Riedon van den Berg is the founder of Skandalisi Dance, a dance company that collaborates with International Master Course, an education platform based in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Riedon himself lives and works in Russia. For the premiere of 'Don't Let It Worry You Now' he and Russian Maria Sokolova will visit the Netherlands, circumstances permitting. If not, other dancers will perform his choreographed piece in Delft.

- Premiere Don't Let It Worry You Now, June 3, 19:30 in the Rietveld Theater. Tickets.

Niek Wagenaar - premiere Nymphs

Do you ever hold a mirror up to yourself, or do you only mirror the expectations around you, Amsterdam-based choreographer Niek Wagenaar wonders? During the premiere of 'Nymphs' five dancers will search for ways to express their gender identity. But is it really that easy to define who you are? Entangled in a web of social constructions, the dancers move towards connection.

- Premiere Nymphs, June 4, 19:30 in the Prinsenkwartier. Tickets.

Ticket sales

Tickets can easily be ordered from April 18 onwards via the Delft Fringe Festival website. During the festival, two box offices are open: The festival pavilion, the pink Delft Fringe Rabbit, in the middle of the Market Square and the Rietveld Theatre (Rietveld 49 in Delft). To spontaneously swing by a performance is also possible in this festival edition! This year you can also buy a ticket at the location itself. The performances last a maximum of 30 minutes and cost € 7.50 per person. Did you know that 50% of the value of each ticket goes to the artist? The other 50% is used for the organization of the festival.

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Photo caption: Tappin-it Collective, the winners of the Delft Fringe Festival Audience Award in 2021. Photographer: Sjoerd Derine.

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