31 MAY - 11 JUNE 2023

Delft Fringe Festival 2022 starts 2 June to 12 June .

18 May 2022

Yes, we can hit the stage again! The 12th Delft Fringe Festival, the springboard for young theater artists to national fame, starts on 2 June. No less than 42 great creators, in all genres of the globe, can be seen at 26 unique locations in the city. There are also 22 exclusive festival premieres! So, immerse yourself and enjoy, also during Whit Sunday weekend, dance, song and cabaret, but also tours, talk shows and culinary hotspots, where the energy is splashing.

Suus Hoppenbrouwers - Sour Power

You can't miss her, Suus Hoppenbrouwers (Gorinchem, 1994). Suus deals with the world in her own way and lives by the adage: "When life gives you lemons... make sour candy!" Ideal for pop fans, because: Beyoncé meets Alice in Wonderland, where she is both Beyoncé, Alice and the Wonderland. About Suus: As a child, Suus wore a lot of dress-up clothes and used to love to be Britney Spears. That she ended up on stage was only to be expected. In 2019 she graduated from the King's Theatre Academy with her own show: 'Wave pool'. In 2021 she was a semi-finalist of Cameretten.

MAST Makers - Divas on Stable

As well established conservatory divas, Stephan Peters & Mats Lodenstijn, a.k.a. MAST Makers, ask themselves ten years later how beatific showbiz really is? In an uncomplicated two-men-show, these show ponies show that, despite rejections at auditions and abuse of power in the industry, they are still going for it. A show that combines contemporary cabaret and revue. Do you like The Voice? Then you're in the right place. About Stephan Peters & Mats Lodenstijn: Mats has already been nominated for the entrance prize at Theaterfestival Boulevard. And Stephan has performed at Delft Fringe Festival twice before with his own cabaret program, with which he reached the top 10 of best-attended performances.

Whitsun weekend = Fringe weekend

The first Delft Fringe Festival weekend falls during Whitsun (Sunday 5 and Monday 6 June). For children there is also plenty to do this weekend. There is a children's tour including the dance performance by DConnected 'I am the best who are you' (4+) in which children are taught everyday themes about school, friends and home in 20 minutes. You can also take the boat to various festival locations and there are activities all over town. In short, all the ingredients are present for a successful theater weekend.

Ticket sales

The performances, in both Dutch and English, last a maximum of 30 minutes and cost €7.50 per person. Did you know that 50% of the value of each ticket sold goes to the artist? Tickets can be ordered online or at the box office.

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