31 MAY - 11 JUNE 2023

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15 May 2022

Delft Fringe Festival offers you, in addition to more than 350 performances this year, a golden combination: take a tour through historic Delft with an official guide from Explore Delft and enjoy surprising performances by young artists at special locations in the city. Even more fun, you can do this on foot but also by boat through the canals! Delft Fringe Festival is this year from 2 to 12 June.

Delft Fringe Tours

Can't quite decide which performances to see? Do you like surprises? Or would you like to do a complete day out in Delft? Then opt for a Delft Fringe Tour! The tours are specially designed by the programmers of the Delft Fringe Festival and are conducted by the professional guides of Explore Delft. There are four tours to choose from: Fringe Tour, Fringe 4 Kids Tour, Canal Tour and Language No Problem (LNP) Tour. Each tour starts at the Market square from the festival pavilion.

The tours are fun for everyone!

The tours are fun for both Delft residents and people visiting the city for the first time. "People from Delft are often pleasantly surprised by the tours", indicates Yvette Zinkstok, owner of Explore-Delft. "But also, people from outside Delft lock the city in their hearts forever after a city tour of Explore Delft," she continues. "The guides of Explore-Delft can't wait to provide the Fringe tours! Be surprised and enjoy a fantastic, unforgettable experience!"

The Fringe Tours in a row

Fringe Tour

This is the ideal tour to let yourself be surprised! You visit a total of three performances from different genres. An official city guide will guide you through the city and tell you all about the special locations of the festival and the historic inner city of Delft along the way. More information.

Fringe 4 Kids Tour

Visit two family performances together with the kids and follow a cool treasure hunt through the inner city of Delft with an official city guide in between the performances. Drinks and sweets for the kids are included. More information.

Canal Tour

Step aboard the skipper and experience the festival from the water in a Canal Hopper Delft boat. Together you will sail through the centuries-old canals on your way to three performances which will take place at locations on and near the water. Discover Delft from a unique perspective. More information.

Language No Problem (LNP)

Tour Don't speak Dutch? No problem! During the LNP-tour you will visit two performances, which are suitable for an international audience. When you walk from one festival location to the next, our official tour guide will tell you all about our beautiful historical city. More information.

You can book a tour easily online via the Delft Fringe Festival website or from 3 to 12 June between 18.00 and 19.00 hours at the Delft Fringe Festival programmers on the Market square.

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