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First time visit to the festival? .

01 June 2022

Are you coming to the Delft Fringe Festival for the first time? Welcome to the festival! We've put together 10 tips to help you get the most out of the festival. Super handy for your first visit. But these tips are also valuable for seasoned festival goers.

1. Be surprised by cultural pearls

Don't know the names on the program? That's right! The Delft Fringe Festival offers a stage to new professional artists from the Netherlands and abroad. These are artists who have followed a professional art course, are still working on it or are self-taught. This year the festival programmers have selected 42 up-and-coming talents from all the applications. Chances are that next year you will see the artists of today in the big halls. Then you can say, "I was there, when this artist was just on the verge of breaking through."

2. De Roze Hoed podcast introduces you to the artists

This year, Delft Fringe Festival launched a podcast for the first time, called De Roze Hoed (The Pink Hat). This podcast introduces you to the artists who are at the festival this year. In the podcast they are questioned about their process, performance themes and cultural entrepreneurship. You can listen to the podcast via Spotify and Apple TV.

3. All genres in the world

All genres of performing arts are welcome at the festival. This year you'll find no less than 11 genres on stage: cabaret, circus, dance, family, physical theater, live art, music, musical theater, opera and theater. Choose performances from genres that appeal to you, or let yourself be surprised by genres you would not normally choose. In the online program you can easily filter by genre; choose your genre and click the 'search' button.

4. EHBK: first aid for your choice

This year, for 11 festival days, 42 new artists will be playing at 26 locations. That's over 350 performances! Our programmers are there for you every day from June 3 to June 11 from 18:00 to 19:00 at our festival pavilion on the Market Square, dressed in their magenta-pink outfit, to provide you with good advice and information on the artists, performances and locations. There is no charge for this.

5. Welcome to the Fringe talks

Dide Vonk, cultural podcaster and presenter, will be talking live to the artists playing at this year's festival. And you can be there! These talks give you an insight into the performances and can help you choose which performances to watch. Also, fun to attend if you've just seen a performance and are curious about the background. Or because you want to learn more about a particular subject. All good reasons to come and watch the Fringe Talks on 4, 8 and 11 June from 20:30 to 21:30 in The Student Hotel. Entrance is free, register here.

6. Choose a special location

The festival not only introduces you to up-and-coming talent and artistic genres in the performing arts. It also lets you discover Delft in a different way by programming the performances at special locations. The city of Delft is thus placed in a different (spot) light. This year there are even a record number of locations in the program, no less than 26! Places where you would not normally see so much, such as the council chamber in the town hall, a houseboat on the canal and the RoboHouse of TU Delft.

7. Combine theater with dinner

The Delft Fringe Festival is not just a cultural outing, but a complete experience. This year there is also plenty of culinary delights. Three different restaurants are serving a special festival menu so you can be on time for the first evening performance.

8. Golden combination: discover Delft and enjoy the performing arts

Still have no idea where you want to go? Or have you already got the Fringe mindset as a result of all the tips and tricks and do you want to be completely surprised? Then opt for a Fringe Tour! During a tour you will make a tour through historic Delft with an official guide. Along the way you can enjoy several performances selected by our programmers. Extra fun: you can do this on foot or by boat through the canals! Discover all about the tours here.

9. Be overwhelmed, moved and enjoy!

Are you touched, roused or amused after seeing a festival performance? Not sure what to expect? Don't worry, Anna is happy to help you find words for your experience in a 1-on-1 conversation of 15 minutes. Because by giving words to something, you find meaning. You can meet Anna at different places in the city.

10. Join in the voting and close the festival with the presentation of the audience awards

Every performance at the festival has a chance of winning the Delft Fringe Festival Audience Award. The performance that is highest rated by the visitors wins. This winner is assured of a performance during the next festival edition and can be seen in that year's campaign image. The winner will also take home 'The Golden Rabbit' This playful trophy refers to the festival pavilion on the Market Square, which is shaped like a rabbit. So vote and come to the award ceremony on Sunday 12 18:00h in the Rietveld Theater. Entry is free. 

Extra tip: costumer support

Do you have a questions about the programme or the festival? We are happy to help you! Get in touch with out costumer service via mail, WhatsApp, phone or chat via our website. Phone: 0640756133. Mail: kassa@delftfringefestival.nl.

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