Expert Meeting x Het Goede Gesprek .

31 May 2022

Since 2019 Delft Fringe Festival organises the Expert Meeting. This is the place for professionals, peers and artists, from the performing arts to start a conversation with each other about current and relevant themes. This year, during the Expert Meeting, we join forces with Platform Aanvang, which has started the conversation series Het Goede Gesprek. This edition focuses on the topic of 'selection methods'. How transparent and productive is this process?

Het Goede Gesprek (A good conversation)

Het Goede Gesprek is a new series of conversations by Platform Aanvang! about the way we talk to each other in the sector. Platform Start! is having a conversation about the future of the performing arts and is fighting for more solidarity, sharing of knowledge and appreciation of the arts.

Expert Meeting X Het Goede Gesprek

This year, during the annual Expert Meeting, Delft Fringe Festival offers Platform Aanvang! for the second edition of Het Goede Gesprek. The focus of the meeting and the conversation will be on the different selection methods programmers use to program young artists. Platform Aanvang! would like to formulate concrete solutions for the recruitment and selection methods that currently do not work optimally, with the aim of arriving at a method in which more reciprocity can be found and which can lead to a 'productive' or 'useful' rejection.

"How do we make the selection and programming process in theatres and festivals transparent before and productive after rejection or allocation?"

Join the Expert Meeting

During the Expert Meeting, professionals from the field get together: programmers of theatres and festivals, young artists and other interested parties working in the theatre field. Platform Aanvang! uses active and varied forms to get to the bottom of this theme together. Afterwards, we will close Het Goede Gesprek with drinks and there will be an opportunity to talk some more in the foyer of Theater Rietveld.

The Expert Meeting is free to attend, but capacity is limited, so we ask you to register before 2 June. As programmer we also invite you to watch four free performances in the evening during the festival. We are happy to offer you a daily snack for €13.50 in the Rietveld Theatre.

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The Expert Meeting takes place on Friday 3 June at 14:30 in the Rietveld Theater.

Watch the after movie of the 2019 Expert Meeting here for a nice impression (in Dutch):

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