31 MAY - 11 JUNE 2023

Sustainability is a recurring theme .

02 June 2022

The young artists at Delft Fringe Festival often address topical issues and tell relevant stories of now. A recurring theme this year, which is central to several performances, is 'sustainability'. The artists each bring attention to this theme in their own way. Their work questions what the future of mankind and the world will look like.


In the performance DOEMSDEE by Tappin-it Collective, the fascination for the demise of the world recurs. If the destruction of the world were to occur, what would it look like? And what would be the cause? A great natural disaster? A war? The impact of a meteorite? With dance and music, Tappin-it Collective investigates the concept of the end of times, keeping in mind the impact mankind has on the world. Tickets

Adem (Breathe)

Maker Stijn Dijkema approaches the subject from a much more concrete standpoint: "are we going to put a child on this fading world?" That is the question of a young couple in the performance 'Adem', which plays at a location connected to a sustainability. In the old water tower of Delft, for example, where art institution Radius now provides an ongoing programme on climate, nature and ecology, the performance will take on a new meaning. Tickets

Stijn talks more about his performance in episode 5 of the Delft Fringe podcast De Roze Hoed (The Pink Hat).

No time to shower

Not everyone looks at the concept of sustainability through such a big lens. Cabaret artist Djoni de Vos keeps it close to herself and analyses how her life as a consultant on the Zuidas was anything but sustainable. Yes, she had nothing to complain about financially, but what about her mental health? She criticises herself and the society we live in and investigates for herself how she can lead her life in a sustainable way. Tickets


Kelly Vanneste draws this concept of sustainability mainly from our enormous overconsumption. Nothing is enough in our material world, she says. And so, she alienates our image of endless 'shop lust' with countless shopping carts, which give an absurd picture of overconsumption that we are not even aware of anymore. Even after the performance, when the shopping trolleys regain their function at the supermarket, this performance will continue to reverberate. The shopping trolleys will be provided with a QR code that takes the shopper to a database of the used shopping trolley, where the theatrical experience can be found. Tickets

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