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Artistic, business and marketing

Delft Fringe Festival aims to guide new creators in their artistic, business and marketing development not only during the annual festival, but also during the rest of the year. The festival already embarked on this path in 2016 through the Delft Fringe Nights and in 2019 with the Delft Fringe Production. In 2022, we took this ambition to a new level with the Delft Fringe MakersLab.

With the Delft Fringe MakersLab, we offer new makers even more opportunities to show their work, gain experience and develop their talent. We do this through three different trajectories:


1. Multi-year trajectory

Creators make a long-term commitment to Delft Fringe Festival to further develop themselves and make the step to national prominence. Delft Fringe Festival offers organizational and artistic guidance during this process. This trajectory is only possible in combination with subsidies and a clearly developed curriculum of the maker(s) so that there is room and resources to work on their own signature and the development of multiple performances.

2. Trajectory on a project basis.

Once every two years, Delft Fringe Festival gives a creator the opportunity to develop a new performance. This can be a trajectory in which a maker is given free rein. It can also be a maker who finds it more interesting to work precisely with frameworks and unique collaboration partners.

3. Maker trajectory audience winner

Delft Fringe Festival provides the audience winner of the Delft Fringe Festival with a rehearsal space and artistic guidance for a certain period of time. This allows the maker to raise the winning performance to an even higher level and thus build a bridge to the more professional field. The creator can decide whether he or she goes for deepening or extending the performance.

Tappin-it Collective

The Performing Arts Fund awarded a grant from the New Makers Arrangement to Tappin-it Collective and Delft Fringe Festival in December 2021. This grant has given Delft Fringe Festival the opportunity to provide long-term organizational and artistic support to Tappin-it Collective. For two years, under the wings of Delft Fringe Festival, Doortje and Robin will create full-length performances, work on their own signature and take steps in theater making.



Starting in 2023, Kelly Vanneste will work within the Makerslab to further develop the artistic signature of her interdisciplinary dance company Alienated. She does this from research on the intersection between human and non-human.

Based on the outcomes to this question, Kelly is creating a performance about leaning-and-supporting each other. The performance will be a game between helping and pulling the other. Kelly searches for the boundary in which you retain autonomy and when control is lost.


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