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Publication requirement Foundation Delft Fringe Festival

Foundation name
Stichting Delft Fringe Festival

Fiscal nummer

Chamber of Commerce number

Formal Adress
Professor Snijdersstraat 2, 2628 RA Delft

Composition of management
R.W.A. (Roel) Beeftink-Funcken, directeur-bestuurder

A.A.E. (Ans) Stephan, Chairman supervisory board
A.S. (Alexander) Alexiev, member supervisory board
N. (Nathalie) van der Hak, member supervisory board
C. (Corné) Ran, member supervisory board
C.C.A. (Cécile) Stulemeijer, member supervisory board

Remuneration policy
The members of the Supervisory Board of Delft Fringe Festival do not receive any remuneration for their work, but they are entitled to reimbursement of the expenses they incurred in the execution of their function. Delft Fringe Festival Foundation does not employ any staff members who have received remuneration above the applicable WNT-maximum.

Offering new opportunities for creators to help them further in their development in terms of content and business; Appealing to new audiences for the performing arts, both at the festival and throughout the year; Providing a structural contribution to the promotion of the city of Delft, as a city of culture and innovation.

Annual Reports (in Dutch)
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