About the Delft Fringe Festival .

More than a yearly festival.

Since its inception in 2011, the Delft Fringe Festival has grown from a modest project to a thriving professional organisation. Every year at the end of May, beginning of June, we organise a two-week performing arts festival at numerous historic locations in Delft. By now our program has expanded, we are active throughout the year and play an important role in the cultural life of Delft and the Netherlands.

Through the vibrant festival, the special theater evenings and a biennial production, we offer young theater producers from various performing arts genres the opportunity to make the much-needed flying hours in a professional setting and to further develop their skills. But also, to let the audience be entertained, moved and seduced by these fantastic new talents: young people who have beautiful and relevant stories to tell, stories that often paint a fascinating picture of today's world.

Check out our aftermovies for a nice impression of the atmosphere:

Delft Fringe Festival

The Delft Fringe Festival is one of the most important and largest theater festivals for young producers in the Netherlands. Within South Holland it is the only performing arts festival that focuses entirely on new talent.

The festival thereby fulfills a crucial role in these times in which - due to the severe budget cuts on culture - many production houses no longer exist and the number of acting opportunities for young producers has been drastically reduced.


Delft Fringe MakersLab

Since 2010, Delft Fringe Festival has been the place for new makers to develop their own signature and gain a place within the field of performing arts. The MakersLab is one of the methods we use to guide new makers. In 2022, the Delft Fringe Festival started the Delft Fringe MakersLab. With this we offer new makers even more opportunities to show their work, gain experience and develop their talent.


Delft Fringe Festival Production

In October 2019, the first Delft Fringe Festival Production took place with great success. Tapping into the national theme of the year "The Golden Age," young dance and theater producer Merel Franx created an intriguing performance. In Molten Gold, she zoomed in on the double face - the splendor versus the exploitation - of this century so important to Dutch history.



Outside the festival, we have been organizing a Delft Fringe Night three times a year since 2016. An initiative that has now been embraced far beyond Delft, as the Delft Fringe Nights are sold out to the last seat every time.

During these special nights, you as a spectator will be treated to a surprising combination program of different performing arts genres, composed of a number of hit productions and audience favorites from previous festival editions.


Delft Fringe Festival on Tour

Delft Fringe Festival On Tour is the traveling sister of the famous Delft Fringe Festival. This new theater formula is touring from across the country with a selection of three young makers who in recent years scored high marks at the Delft Fringe Festival and won the audience award.

Pure audience favorites. The old hands of the past, but in the prime of their theatrical lives. They cruise past the theaters with screeching tires and make you look at it with different eyes. Amaze. Seduce. Surprise.


Mission & vision

The Delft Fringe Festival Foundation organizes an annual theatre festival and supplementary annual program to bring young producers and audiences together in unexpected locations, using the city of Delft as a stage. The Delft Fringe Festival aims to support the producers in their professional development, to offer existing and new theatre audiences a unique cultural experience and to broaden and improve the cultural offering in the city of Delft. The core values are diversity and accessibility.

Stichting Delft Fringe Festival is registered by Dutch law as an "ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)", an institution that is welfare-based.


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