31 MEI - 11 JUNI 2023


Delft Fringe Festival also welcomes non-Dutch speaking visitors!


Delft Fringe Festival also welcomes non-Dutch speaking visitors! A large number of the performances are suitable to visit if you don’t speak Dutch, as these are shows that are performed in English, or in which no (or hardly any) language is used, like dance or music.

If you can’t choose which performance you want to go to, or if you’re looking for a complete day-out, you can also book the Language No Problem Tour!



Alienated • disCART (dance)
No prosperity, nothing. Nothing, but not giving up. A man, full of strength and courage, resists a position of powerlessness. Sometimes the path you choose is not entirely in your own hands. A shadowy reality in which the performer fearlessly resists his setbacks. What is the way out? Read more ⟶

Anna & Goda • Goddesses* dream when they bleed (dance)
Inspired by the age-old act of women washing clothes, the performance explores the intimate relationship between two women who reclaim their power. Washing and twisting the sheets until they become a weapon. Two bodies evolve in a poetic landscape, shaped by clotheslines, combining dance and scenography. Read more ⟶

D-Connected • Ik ben de beste, wie ben jij? (I am the best, who are you) (Family Theater)
Two children explore together to find out what they are good at and who is the best. But what do you actually have to be able to do? And is it really fun to be the best? Or is it better to just be your own crazy self? Do you want to know who wins the battle? Then come and watch! Read more ⟶

Emma & Mariví • Houvast (Hold on) (dance)
Can we give without forgetting to take? Support each other without losing ourselves? Being there for another provides relief and satisfaction, but can also push away one’s own interests and feelings. ‘Houvast’ shows how personal will and need go together but can also collide. Read more ⟶

Experimental LAB • The game of life (Live Art)
What happens when a mathematical concept is the foundation of music and interpreted by visual arts? Experimental LAB creates music with building blocks based on the famous mathematician John Horton Conway’s Game of Life. A cellular automaton game with four simple rules, but the output is unpredictable. Read more ⟶

JLohmann Performance Art • Being Audience|Being Performer (Physical Theater)
You enter the theater, assuming your role as the audience. Is that a conscious role? Are you performing your role? ‘Being Audience|Being Performer’ questions the roles we assume, both inside and outside the theater. This piece is only a rehearsal, the real performance is happening outside. Read more ⟶

Jonathan Nagel • eventually (dance)
eventually is an intense and ecstatic dance performance with live music and light. Feelings of power to powerlessness mark the course from control to surrender. The performance is about striving, hoping, dreaming and ultimately about exploring the boundaries of perception and cognition. Read more ⟶

Loksias Strijkkwartet De oorsprong van een revolutie (The origin of a revolution) (music)
Two first requests, two well-known compositions and two leads to a revolution in the Music world. Tradition and future together in one performance. Vienna as a mirror of an important change of world view in the arts and only 100 years difference connect Beethoven and Webern. Read more ⟶

Maite Levy • NU. (NOW.) (dance)
A dance theater performance about the social pressure to always work hard. Sitting still is no longer possible or allowed. What does productivity mean? What is the value of happiness? We take you with us in our experiences, feelings and ambitions. We confront ourselves in the search for freedom. Read more ⟶

Mees van der Smagt Ensemble • 12 Minutes of Infinity (music)
Scientific research has shown that your brain can remain active for 12 minutes after you die. What happens in your mind after you die? 12 Minutes of Infinity is a modern composition, in which the listener goes through the twelve minutes after death, and loses grip on time. Read more ⟶

Myrthe Marchal • Lines of S.R.P. (dance)
Lines of S.R.P. shows, through Dance and installation, about how we as humans become who we are through how we learn from our environment and ourselves. It is about development and perspective. You are guided by mirrors, in which you see yourself but also other people in a reflection. Read more ⟶

Naïma Souhaïr • IMPOSTER (dance)
Our deepest fear is not that we are imperfect. Our deepest fear is that we are immensely powerful. In ‘IMPOSTER’ Naïma Souhaïr explores her imposter syndrome through Dance. The struggle between that small voice in her head that always seems to win over that powerful body. Read more ⟶

Niek Wagenaar • Nymphs (dance)
Do you ever hold a mirror up to yourself, or do you merely mirror the expectations around you? Five dancers seek structure to express their gender identity. But is it easy to define who you are when you are entangled in a web of social constructions? Read more ⟶

Pedro Latas • Can we feel touch when we’re made of light? (music)
The camera picks up on our face, the computer turns it into bytes, then they become light on a fibre-optic cable. This cable reaches somewhere, light turns to bytes and bytes become a face on a computer screen. What happens to our physical bodies on this journey at the speed of light? Read more ⟶

Rohiet Tjon Poen Gie / Theater Babel Rotterdam Theater Babel Dancet werk uit Romeo’s en Julia’s (Theater Babel Dancet work from Romeo and Juliet) (dance)
Love, hate, lust and sorrow: people are confronted with these every day. 12 actors with and without disabilities, accompanied by a live band of Theater Babel, use Dance, Music and elements of theater and circus to explore the following question: ‘Can you love who you want to love?’. Read more ⟶

Skandalisi Dance • Don’t Let It Worry You Now (dance)
To find oneself on the other side. An away game. To play by someone else’s rules. To act out of the ordinary. To interpret every word you hear, every move you see. To get used to the unusual or to grab onto something so familiar, so comfortable? Being Not Like You, is it that bad? Observe. No judgment. Accept. Without changing yourself. Read more ⟶

Sketch351 + Nuno Lobo • It Rose Behind the River (music theater)
In this ‘virtual opera’, two children try to run away from adulthood by walking towards a mysterious light on the horizon. In this made-up world they meet different creatures that share the same path and the scary expectation of growing older. A new opera-format with no singers but with video. Read more ⟶

Susanne X Luna • Amalgamate (circus)
Imagine working together with someone who speaks another language. What other aspects do we look for? How can we make ourselves understood? Susanna and Luna look for commonalities between themselves and their art forms (a cyr wheel and a violin) and face the challenges this experiment offers. Read more ⟶

Tappin-It Collective • DOEMSDEE (dance)
Tappin-It Collective tries to give meaning to the end of time. We destroy our perfect home and yet we want to live forever. We celebrate life by numbing ourselves and reproducing until the last day. We are destructive and life- giving at the same time. Read more ⟶

ZEESTRAAT COLLECTIVE • Kaas en Noten (Cheese and nuts) (music)
A performance for toy instruments, which starts with John Cage’s Suite for toy piano. We combine Cage’s composition with our own. A captivating performance where the childlike sounds of these naïve instruments blend with Cage’s innovative sound. Come and get carried away with this novel sonic realm. Read more ⟶

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