Delft Fringe Festival also welcomes non-Dutch speaking visitors!

Visit Delft Fringe Festival!

A large number of the performances at Delft Fringe Festival are suitable to visit if you don’t speak Dutch, as these are shows that are performed in English, or in which no (or hardly any) language is used, like dance or music.

 In the festivalmagazine is indicated with symbols which language is spoken in each performance. 

During a performance the artist may speak dutch between the songs, but most of the performances will be easy to follow for non-dutch speakers.


Language no Problem

Performances in English

  • Haus of 4D - A drag fairytale
  • Lola Creative Concepts - Bursting Clouds
  • Space_tial - Mima
  • X Collab - The Journey

Performances in which (hardly) no language is spoken

  • Diatheater - Aardster
  • Emma&Mariví - Maar wat als wij
  • Frann Schollaert - (Un)familiar
  • ISSNESS - Consistent
  • Karolien Wauters & Inonge Jante Stekelenburg - Ongehoord
  • Ole Wolf & Yaniv Dagan - Don't Think, go
  • Resonance Quartet - Mixtures
  • Rosin Octet - A letter from an Unknown Woman
  • SD Theater - Ignoring the Bodies Song
  • Thommy Kraft - 123SQM DRESS

Performances in other languagres

  • Liza Sulaiman - Iraqi Bodies (English and Arabic)
  • Margarida Constantino - Rite van wat Was (Dutch, English, Spanish and Portugues) 
  • Oudail el Omari - Hijra (Dutch and Arabic)

we welcome tips and suggestions

As an organization, we are still learning about making the festival accessible for everyone. You can always contact us to discuss accessibility. We are happy to think with you where necessary.

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