31 MEI - 11 JUNI 2023

Susanna x Luna


za. 11 juni 2022 19:30

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To amalgamate means to combine two entities to form a brand new organization or structure. Susanna and Luna bring their disciplines, circus and music, as ingredients for this recipe. Susanna uses her cyr wheel, a heavy steel circle, to fill the stage with visual moments and movement. Luna is rooted in place with her violin and pedalboard, using a looper to create multi-layered soundscapes. To intertwine the artforms, they take their own perspectives on their specializations and lend them to each other.

How can a cyr wheel be transformed into a musical instrument? What happens when a violinist enters the circus artist’s space? Can the two artists cooperate when their specializations function so differently? Their instruments are as much the obstacles as the tools that help them connect.

Imagine working together with someone who speaks another language than you do. What other aspects do we look for? In this unknown territory, they get tangled up in cables, sounds and movements. Along the way, they figure out ways to understand and communicate through the language they don’t speak themselves.

Over Susanne X Luna
We are a Rotterdam based duo creating a show where music and circus meet. Susanna’s main discipline is cyr wheel, a heavy steel circle she uses to fill the stage with visual moments and movement. Luna is more rooted in place with her violin and pedalboard but gains control of the space through music and sound. While studying at Codarts, we performed together in Susanna’s graduating group show. This multidisciplinary project inspired us to research the unexplored relationships between the artforms on our own. Through coffee fueled conversations, we share and exchange our perspectives which we then put into action.


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