Skandalisi Dance

The grass is greener on the other side

vr. 03 juni 2022 19:30

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To find oneself on the other side. An away game. To play by someone else's rules. To act out of the ordinary. To interpret every word you hear, every move you see. To get used to the unusual or to grab onto something so familiar, so comfortable? Being Not Like You, is it that bad? Observe. No judgment. Accept. Without changing yourself.

Over Skandalisi Dance
From the beginning there was created a duet ‘Remember when’. Showing this creations throughout Europe, we decided to set up Skandalisi Dance to create new performances and events. From that moment it became clear that Skandalisi Dance was growing in to a World Wide Platform. Two years later International Master Course (Yekaterinburg/Russia) became a side organisation to support and develop a Russian educational platform by bringing teachers to Russia.
Today, Skandalisi Dance organises and participates in performances, workshops, school projects, children festivals and other events all over the world. Skandalisi have worked in Russia, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Sweden. Skandalisi Dance have been leading dance intensives and performances where shown in festivals such as: Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea (MEX), ITS Festival(NL), Festival De Oversteek (NL), Beta Publica (ES), Imaginarius(PT) and I.D. Night(UK) and many more. Riedon van den Berg, Collaborated with Rezgui Company (Netherlands), Norrdans (Sweden), WArd / waRD with Ann van den Broek (Netherlands, Belgium) & Provincial Dances Theater (Russia). Teacher and examinator at the Humanitarian University, Faculty of Contemporary Dance and guest lecturer at the Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute (Yekaterinburg/Russia). Maria Sokolova is a teacher at the Faculty of Contemporary Dance of the Humanitarian University of Yekaterinburg. Teacher and choreographer at the Center for Contemporary Choreography studio. Worked as a freelance dancer with various choreographers in Europe, Russia and Mexico.


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