31 MEI - 11 JUNI 2023

Sketch351 + Nuno Lobo

It Rose Behind the River

za. 11 juni 2022 21:30

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“It rose behind the river” is a “virtual opera” based on the subversion of a coming-of-age story. As children we dream about what we will be when we grow up, we visualize our dream-house or our dream-family. It is as if adulthood meant freedom: freedom of making your own decisions, freedom of choosing how to spend your money, freedom to travel the world or to stay at home all day. As we grow-up, we slowly learn that things are not that simple. We start to realize that our child-like vision can be distorted and that it can contrast with reality.

“It rose behind the river” follows the story of two children who try to run away from adulthood by walking towards a mysterious light on the horizon. In this made-up world they meet different creatures that share the same path and the scary expectation of growing older. Come to our performance and learn the ending of this story! You’ll be surprised with an immersive multidisciplinary performance with no singers where the instrumentalists, voicing the characters, are hidden and scattered around you. In this format that rethinks the stage / audience status quo, you’ll be guided by a video projection that will trigger your imagination and your expectations will constantly be challenged!

Over Sketch351
Winner of the Goodmesh Concours 2021 Audience Prize, SKETCH 351 is a collective of creative and driven musicians based in The Hague, aiming to connect and collaborate with musicians from all across Europe. One of their main focuses is presenting repertoire - ranging from 20th century works to new compositions and commissions - in new and original ways, respecting the composers’ scores and ideas. They want to develop different performance formats and present various types of music in creative and engaging ways to their audience. They’re also interested in interdisciplinary collaborations with visual arts, multimedia, dance and theater as a way to enhance and convey the aforementioned concepts.

Over Nuno Lobo
NUNO LOBO is a Portuguese composer, currently based in Amsterdam. During the year of 2020, he was the Young Composer in Residence at Casa da Música (Porto) and composition guest teacher at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (Tilburg) . He is a composer especially interested in instrumental/vocal music and in interdisciplinary artistic formats. Nuno Lobo usually finds inspiration in surrealistic narratives that essentially influence his compositional process, but also the sound result. In his works, it is common to find connections with different elements such as literature, cinema, physics or health disorders.

Luister ook naar aflevering 4 van de Delft Fringe Festival podcast De Roze Hoed. Hierin is Sketch351 te gast en vertellen ze over hun voorstelling en makerschap.

It Rose Behind the River

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