31 MEI - 11 JUNI 2023

Jlohmann Performance Art

Being Audience|Being Performer

zo. 12 juni 2022 15:30

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Being Audience|Being Performer is dealing with the roles we assume both consciously and unconsciously. In the context of theatre that is the role of the audience for the spectator and the role of the performer for the actor. Here the spectator is usually in a passive position, funktioning as an observer and as a judge over the performer. We observe the same kind of relationship in the political landscape and the daily issues our society is dealing with both on a national and international/global level.

Being Audience|Being Performer is trying to challenge this traditional relationship by inviting the audience to become performers and actors themselves. This counts for inside, as well as outside of the theatre.

"This piece is only a rehearsal"​

The real performance is happening outside of the theatre. People need to take responsibility for the issues we face as a society and become actors themselves to create a better alternative, instead of spectating and judging the political performers on stage. In the theatre, when the actions are happening inside the auditorium, that becomes the stage. Outside the theatre the stage moves from the parliaments into the streets.

**Over Jlohmann Performance Art **

Jakob Lohmann is an artist from Germany, born in 1995. He discovered circus during his high school time where he joined the local youth circus. Finishing high school he continued to pursue his circus activities professionally at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During the 4 year degree he created various performances and started to find and develop his own artistic vision and style as performer.

Using floor acrobatics and balances as his main tools, his work thematises the actor/spectator relationship within the performative space.

In 2019 he joined the Anfibia Project, an interdisciplinary performers training project in Bologna, Italy which finished in October 2020.

Recently his performance Being Audience|Being performer received a nomination for the Stockholm Fringe Award in the category ‚Spoken Word and Theatre‘

Jakob Lohmann is recognised member of the International Dance Council CID. CID is official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Being Audience|Being Performer

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