31 MEI - 11 JUNI 2023


Kaas en Noten

vr. 03 juni 2022 19:30

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Kaas en Noten, is a refurbishment of Cage's Suite for Toy Piano, in which the original movements are alternated with our own novel compositions for a set of musical toy instruments, complete with scenic design. This performance starts with the instrumentalist siting in front of the toy piano with a set of toy instruments around her. Behind her, in the scenery, lie several others. Along the theatrical action, the performer picks up some of the instruments and adds them to the set already around her, broadening the timbrical range and rendering the performance inventive and compelling. This is a very captivating performance where the childlike sounds of these naïve instruments blend with Cage’s innovative sounds. Come share this performance with us and get carried away with this novel sonic realm!

ZEESTRAAT COLLECTIVE was founded by three colleagues and friends - the composer and pianist Carlos Lopes, the pianist Inês Lopes and the composer Nuno Lobo - with the purpose of developing new performance formats through composed theatre, transdisciplinarity and the use of unusual instruments. By collaborating with different artists from various art fields, we want to enrich the experience of the music listener while aiming to connect with audiences from different social backgrounds and generations.

Luister ook naar aflevering 6 van de Delft Fringe Festival podcast De Roze Hoed. Hierin is ZEESTRAAT COLLECTIVE te gast en vertellen ze over hun voorstelling en makerschap.

Kaas en Noten

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